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The Adding Machine



Mr. Zero is an accountant at a large, faceless company, where, after 25 years at his job, he discovers that he will be replaced by a machine. After he perpetrates an act of violence, the play follows him through his trial, execution, and afterlife.  Through the satirical storytelling and deep investigation of the human psyche, The Adding Machine asks the question, "What does it mean to be human in a world where we are replaceable?" The play served as a turning point in early 20th century theatre, and established Elmer Rice as one of the best playwrights in the American theatre.

Streaming on-demand June 24-26


Shelby Blakely

The Boss, Guard, Young Man, Joe

Helen Cheng

Daisy Diana Dorothea Devore, Policeman, The Head, Juror, Sightseer

Nika Shakhmuradova

Judy O'Grady, Juror, The Fixer, Sightseer, Shrdlu, Lt. Charles

Samantha Toberman

Mrs. Zero, Wives, Juror, Sightseer, Young One

Jon Brandl

Mr. Zero, Husbands

Tickets on sale June 10!