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One Moment In Time: A One-Minute Play Festival
Streaming live! One night only!
Saturday, February 12th, 2022

In one night, approximately 60 sixty-second plays will be performed as a rehearsed staged reading by a group of talented actors!

The Cast (in alphabetical order):

Carly Bennett, Xena Broaden, Phil Chin, Ray Fletcher, Lou Fuoco, Dana Hall, Jessica Johnson, Jess Labbe, Jack Levine, Jake Lewis, J.D. McElligott, Katie Otten, Anand Sitaram, James Tot

Featured Plays:

In alphabetical order by the playwright's last name:

Jake Alexander - It Was, You Know, What It Was

Evan Baughfman - Blunk; The Writing Bug


Brent Beerman - And That's How My Parents Knew They Had a Gay Son


Dorothea Cahan - The Monster Speaks Up; Does Bobo Like Ballet?


Tami Canaday - Big Eyed Doll


Ruben Carbajal - Moment Before Impact; Reunion


Andrea Fleck Clardy - Handout


Peter Dakutis - Action Figures; Indulgence


Philip Darg - A Long Day's Journey Into Pop-Ups


Mary Darling - Self Meets Self; Anyone Home with Kids During Quarantine; Mashed Potatoes; Default to Failure


J Deschene - One Night


Alex Dremann - White Noise


Joyce Fontana - Your Heavenly Reward


Dana Hall - Imaginary Friends


Steven Hayet - McIntosh


Teri Hegarty - The Persistent Perp

Greg Hovanesian - Gentri-Fried Chicken; A Pleasant Evening...; Hope


Jason Iannone - 365 Presidents


Arthur M. Jolly - Parent Teacher; Not Expecting That


Mark Harvey Levine - The Order


Jake Lewis - After 25 Years; Missing the Point, One Moment in Time; The Wrongest Time;

Thoughts & Prayers; What's Your Problem?


David Lipschutz - The Berenstain Bearadox


Steven G. Martin - That Kind of Boy


John Mabey - A 3-Act, Centuries-Long Love Affair (abridged); Failing at a 1-Minute Play Festival


James McLindon - What We Did; Personal; Loss


James Menges - Just a Minute


Steven D. Miller - I Know You're Out There


John Minigan - Privileged Information; Bedside Manner


Nancy Moss - Coffee & Toast


Colleen O'Dougherty - Dead and Steady Wins the Race; Gettajob; How She Stole the

Title Fairest; Modern Relationships are Tough; Vampire Puns


R.A. Pauli - American Dream; Screw; Swan Song


Matt Reichel - The Stand


Elisabeth Giffin Speckman - Disengaged Bedfellows


Ryan Stevens - Give Me a Boost Over Heaven's Gate; If It Wasn't Me, I'd Copy Me Too


Philip Middleton Williams - Begging the Question; Unforgivable; Welcome to Fourbucks; Planning Ahead