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Before television, people got their stories from the radio. Today's version of that might be the podcast, so Jakespeare VTC is excited to present a weekly series of new, short plays, voiced by talented casts...that means you!

How to get your voice heard:

To be considered for our podcast plays, we request a voice demo.


A voice demo is a short, audio clip that best showcases your voice acting capabilities. 

The demo should consist of 3-5 "spots," or different examples of your voice talents.

1. Your voice demo should be 60-90 seconds.


2. The ideal structure of a 60-second voice demo is:


      - Spot 1: 15 seconds

      - Spot 2: 15 seconds

      - Spot 3: 10 seconds

      - Spot 4: 10 seconds

      - Spot 5: 5 seconds

3. Be sure to leave a brief pause between each spot.

4. Your demo should not be a random assortment of spots; consider the theme or your skillset when creating your recording.

5. The quality of your recording will be considered as part of the casting process since you will need to use your own equipment. You are encouraged to use free audio-editing programs (like Audacity) to fine-tune your sound.

5. You can find several voice-over scripts by CLICKING HERE.

6. If interested in submitting your voice demo for this project, please click the link below to complete an application. (Please note: This project is unpaid.)