The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin:
The Radio Plays

#6: The Seven of Hearts

After a frightening home invasion, Monsieur Rateur finds himself swept up into a mystery of stolen submarine plans, broken hearts, and a secret that may put the safety of the country at risk! What is Arsene Lupin's role in all of this, and will Rateur be able to keep track of all the names at play and the people tromping through his new home in search of the answers?

Adapted by Robin Berl, Chelsea Cook, and Jake Lewis 

Based upon the short story by: Maurice LeBlanc

Directed by Jake Lewis

Exclusive to Jakespeare Virtual Theatre Company


The Cast (in order of appearance):

Radio Announcer: Stephanie Wolfe

Antoine: Phil Chin

Rateur: Dave Joria

Daspry: Sven Wiberg

Gentleman: Richard Clark

Ganimard: Mark O'Donnell

Clothilde Andermatt: Julie Butters

George Andermatt: Bryan Butters

Albert Varin: Elijah Baker