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Directed by Jake Lewis


The old lighthouse brought about a change in lighthouse policy in 1801 after a gruesome episode, sometimes called the Smalls Lighthouse Tragedy. Thomas Howell and Thomas Griffith, the two-person team that managed the lighthouse, were publicly known to quarrel. When Griffith died in a freak accident, Howell feared that if he discarded the body into the sea, authorities might accuse him of murder.[10] As Griffith's body began to decompose, Howell built a makeshift coffin for the corpse and lashed it to an outside shelf. Stiff winds blew the box apart, and the body's arm fell within view of the hut's window. As the winds would blow, gusts would catch the arm and move it in a way that made the appendage appear to beckon. In spite of his former partner's decaying corpse and working the lighthouse alone, Howell was able to keep the house's lamp lit. When Howell was finally relieved of duty, the impact of the situation was so emotionally taxing that his friends did not recognize him. As a result, the governing body changed the lighthouse policy to make lighthouse teams rosters of three people, which continued until the automation of British lighthouses in the 1980s. (Wikipedia)

Character Breakdown:

Thomas Howell -- mid 40s

small, a bit grubby, a craftsmen and ex-cooper. Defensive. A dreamer and a bit of a romantic.

Martha Howell -- late 20s

dark hair, beautiful in her own way. A kind of mermaid—soft and graceful as
though moving underwater; alluring. She haunts her husband as he descends into madness.


Thomas Griffith -- early-mid 20s

quite tall and powerfully built, a laborer. Hot-headed. Youthfully stubborn. Sketches in his free time.

Henry Whiteside -- early/mid 50s

Builder of musical instruments and Smalls Lighthouse.

Audition/Production Information:

This will be PRE-RECORDED and then livestreamed from our YouTube page as a radio play at a date TBA.

You will NOT be required to memorize your lines. 

Therefore, you will only be contributing your voice talents to the performance, while the visual elements of the production will be a combination of still and moving images. To create the moody, atmospheric nature of the piece, sound effects and music will be a part of the aural experience.

To audition, complete the audition form by clicking this link.

Auditioners should attempt to do a Welsh or British accent.

Rehearsals will be minimal (approximately 2-3) and scheduled around actors' availability.