These productions are often shorter in length (from 1-30 minutes), audio plays, and/or works by new playwrights. 


StudioStream productions are always free and without an end date, so you can watch anytime...again and again!

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After blowing out his tire, a man in a hurry is slowed down by a roadside angel to learn an important lesson.

Two high school girls who aren't allowed to go to their prom together discuss the future of their relationship.

A neighborhood is terrorized from without...and within.

A writer is asked what the point of her new story is.

Upon learning she's died, Melanie must compete in a trivia competition to get into Heaven.

Lifelong friends discuss their relationship over their daily cup of coffee.

The famous Belgian detective crosses the pond in a whodunnit that will exercise his little gray cells!

A story of the pandemic from an unexpected point of view.

New plays added monthly!