Something Every Sunday

Beginning July 11th and running every Sunday through August 29th, we will present your work for our audience! Don't worry about the tech hassles or streaming fees -- we got you covered!

Call it a virtual "Sunday Night Live," if you will, but we will air a weekly livestream of any type of theatrical work you'd like to send us!


  • It can be anything from reciting a poem or monologue, to a song performance, a stand-up act, a short scene, or anything else you can come up with!

  •  Your submission should be no longer than 5 minutes.​

  • JakespeareVTC will not do any editing of your work; the more professional-looking/sounding your work, the more likely it will be selected.

  • You assume responsibility for any intellectual property you perform. 

    • This includes licensing rights to music, text, or originality​

  • While we will accept any content, please try and avoid excessive use of language or other subject matter that may be offensive or upsetting to viewers.

  • This is strictly submission-at-will; there is no payment made by JakespeareVTC nor is there any obligation from JakespeareVTC to use it.

  • All submissions for the following week's Sunday stream is due by 11:59pm the Monday prior.

  • "Something Every Sunday" will stream for FREE weekly at 7pm on our YouTube channel.